communication / ke,mju:nikeiƒ(e)n/ n

1. the act of imparting ideas clearly and concisely (see Mark Bowmer)

2. the ability to position your business within the marketplace for optimum
success (see Nerida Robinson)

3. something communicated, such as a compelling sales idea or a key message
to your clients or stakeholders (see our work)

4. the vehicle(s) for communicating, such as media releases, brochures,
newsletters, speeches, videos, web and social media (see what we do)

5. experienced communicators – those with the skills, creativity and attention
to detail to deliver the message (who we are)

Who we are

Mark Bowmer and Nerida Robinson are experienced communications professionals. Read their stories…

what we do

Corporate writing, public relations, strategic planning, marketing and more…

our work

BlueScope Steel, Roads Australia, John Fairfax, Sony Australia, Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia…


"I have found Mark to have an excellent understanding of the approach taken by Fairfax to communication and to quickly grasp the requirements of a project. His work always reflects the values of the Fairfax brands."

Melissa Holme, former Olympic Program Relationship Manager, John Fairfax Publications

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