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Taronga Foundation Poetry Prize

For six years, gosh! undertook the Project Management of The Taronga Foundation Poetry Prize. This involved the day-to-day administration for the Prize, staging the Award Ceremony, and co-ordinating material for the publication of the Prize anthology.

Day to day administration included:

  • Writing press releases for. and advertising. the Prize
  • Liaising with media, sponsors, the chairman, founder, judges, schools, entrants and the project team
  • Overseeing the design and printing of promotional material and entry forms
  • Maintaining a national data base of all schools, TAFES and universities
  • Co-ordinating a national mailout
  • Coding and processing entries, creating a database of, and corresponding with, all entrants
  • Managing budgets
  • Managing Federal Government grant reporting requirements


Staging the Award Ceremony involved:

  • Managing the project team
  • Liaising with the Taronga Foundation regarding the venue
  • Co-ordinating AV and approving catering for the Award Ceremony
  • Organizing travel and accommodation for VIP’s
  • Overseeing design, printing and mailout of invitations for entrants, schools, media, government ministers, and dignitaries
  • Producing a running order and managing the event and all parties on the day
  • Liaising with and assisting media at the event
  • Booking and managing photographers and filming of event
  • Organizing prizes, trophies, and certificates for all entrants
  • Organizing gifts for guest speakers and VIP’s


Co-ordinating material for the Prize anthology involved:

  • Liaising with the publisher, editor, judges, chairman, designer, founder and entrants
  • Transcribing all winning entries
  • Collating, proofing and checking pagination of all material including illustrations, forwards, credits and poems
  • Meeting publisher’s design and printing deadlines

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