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There are eight million stories in the naked city, or so the famous film line goes.

The same is true of the commercial world.  Every business has its stories to tell, and research shows these stories can be very powerful marketing tools.

The good news is you don’t have to rely so much anymore on the traditional content channels, like newspapers or trade journals, to get your stories across.

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But this in itself creates challenges for many businesses.

According to the US-based Content Marketing Institute, the biggest challenge for small business marketers is producing enough content to feed ‘the hungry beast’.

I suspect this is more an issue of not having the time and/or confidence to identify and ‘work up’ relevant content, rather than not having the content in the first place.

What makes for good content?  

It may sound obvious, but the key is to make it interesting – not to you, but to your customers.

By definition, this calls into question the value of content ‘stand-bys’ like awards and sales milestones.  There’s no doubt these sorts of stories enhance your reputation, but do they really excite your customers – and more importantly, keep them coming back to your website or newsletter?

Truth is, if you scratch the surface of your business you might be surprised at what really good content turns up.

Make yourself an expert. 

Whether it’s real estate, retailing or rat catching, share your experience and knowledge of the market with your customers.

And don’t confine yourself to what’s in your head. 

If you come across a general news story that’s relevant to your customers, put your own spin on it and pass it on. (Don’t read this as an invitation to plagiarise or otherwise breach someone’s copyright. Take the facts of the story and rewrite it to suit your audience and marketing objectives.)

‘How to…’ tips can be a great source of content. 

Trawl your industry association website for news or information that might be of interest to your stakeholders.  

Not only are you bringing something of value to your customers’ tables, you’re reinforcing your reputation as someone who has his or her finger on the pulse.

Case studies are tried and tested.  Getting your customers to talk positively – and personally – about your product or service conveys authenticity.

And remember – whatever content you produce, pay attention to the detail.  Copy that is poorly written, dotted with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, is counter-productive.

Gosh! specialises in producing content that is lively, informative and engaging.  Talk to Mark about your content requirements.


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  • Gosh! has recently been assisting Ray White franchises in Kiama and Berry with some of their copy needs.
  • The latest edition of CCAA’s Public Domain magazine, featuring case studies written by Mark, came out this month.


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